Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines for beer trading, giveaways, etc.

What is a go and a no in BdA

Razzles are a big nope
(selling slots for a highly sought after beer and raffling it off)

FT: ISO: encouraged
(For Trade/In search of)

Muling is highly encouraged
(paying people to pick up beer at a brewery or bottle shop for you. Like if the man, the myth the legend is at Great Notion and is able to snag a can for you . ALWAYS make sure to tip your mule unless specifically told otherwise.)

RNGs are encouraged
(random number generated giveaway. Having people pick or assigning numbers and number picked wins beer)

BIFs are encouraged
(beer it forward. Assigning trade partners and $ amounts for sending surprise beers)

No outright selling beer in this group, like a classified ad.

We have enough people in this group who are extremely experienced in the trade world and I’m sure they will be happy to help those new to it.

Closed Group

January 14th, 2019 – Important announcement:

As of today and going forward this group is now a closed group. Meaning what you post in here will only be seen by fellow members. So no fear of having your chugs, drinking habits or whatever being seen by the outside Facebook community.

Since we are closed now, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a free for all in here. Keep it civilized. Imagine yourself in a bar setting. There will be cursing, but don’t be vulgar just for the sake of it.

This also means that if you want your friend in here, send an invite.

With this being said, someone give me a chug video!!!

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