Beer d’Alene Purpose, Mission and Values


Level up the craft beer community by connecting craft beer drinkers in fun, non-judgmental activities, online and offline, with each other and the excellent craft beer breweries in the Beer d’Alene region, which includes all of north Idaho and Spokane.


Our local regional craft breweries are fighting an uphill battle in providing a quality experience to the craft community. They need our community support in an uplifting way. The craft beer community is a tremendous force for good and we will be supporting the entire craft beer industry, including breweries, retail bars and bottle shops, and charities that impact our craft beer experience.


  • Community. Beer brings us together. We’re striving for human connection here, so treat people the way you would if you were enjoying their company in a bar or brewery, in person.
  • Open-mindedness. We can learn from each other, from craft beer professionals, and from enthusiastic consumers.
  • Honesty. Truthful feedback is necessary for the craft beer industry and community to get better.
  • Positivity. Other venues exist for critique; we are here to lift up craft beer, including our Beer d’Alene community breweries, not to tear down.


If you have a bad experience with a local brewery, don’t put them on blast in Beer d’Alene. First, contact them directly. Perhaps post a request for contact in the Beer d’Alene Facebook group, like this: “Can someone put me in contact with a representative from XYZ Brewery? Thank you Beer d’Alene!” We’ve found that most breweries are extremely responsive and would like nothing more than to hear how they can improve their business and delight you as a customer.

We welcome breweries posting and promoting their events and special offerings. In some beer communities this is a no-no, because it becomes a worthless advertising group. We do not want that to happen, but right now we believe that breweries in the Beer d’Alene area need more exposure to the local craft beer drinking community, not less. We notice that most bars, restaurants and tap-houses are sporting out-of-area beer in greater quantity than local beer. In order to improve the quality and quantity of Beer d’Alene area craft beer, the local breweries need your support.

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